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Welcome to Harvest Moon Radio, the online radio station that celebrates Scottish music and the spirit of pirate radio. Every Sunday, we play songs from Scottish artists and bands across genres and eras, from folk rock to pop.


On Wednesday’s we also take you back to the 60s and 70s with classic hits that will make you feel nostalgic. Our station is inspired by the old pirate radio ships that broadcasted from the sea and challenged the mainstream media.

We started in 2017 and we are a gentle and relaxed music station that aims to entertain and inform our listeners. Tune in to Harvest Moon Radio and enjoy the best of Scottish music and more!

Our website is like our music – totally laid back.
A Child of the 60s – Old enough to know better but still young enough to not care anymore

Radio Presenter, and Video Enthusiast The Captain has been involved with radio as a presenter/DJ since 1992 gaining a growing band of followers across Mixcloud and other social media outlets, with the Scottish Pirate Show often earning the top spot in certain Mixcloud charts around the world. The show is based on trying to give exposure to Scottish artists and bands old and new.

Back in the 70s after leaving school an opportunity presented itself to go and help out on one of the last remaining pirate radio stations Radio North Sea International onboard the Mebo 2 ship. Sadly I never grabbed that opportunity and I had to wait till 1992 when I became a presenter with a small radio station in Peterhead. In 2003 I did a spell with Radio North Angus as a breakfast show presenter. They broadcast around the Dundee area and East coast of Scotland. The start of the original Pirate Show came many years later on TD1Radio in the Borders of Scotland. In 2017 I started Harvest Moon Radio when I felt the need to bring the golden era of pirate ship radio back to my listeners.

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The majority of our radio shows from 2017 onwards are available for you to listen to via our Mixcloud page.


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Many great artists are sadly no longer with us and we dedicate our station to them…

Music has changed so much since the 50s and each generation thinks their music is the best. The main thing is for everyone to enjoy their music – I firmly believe music is very important in everyone’s life. Enjoy it and keep listening to Harvest Moon Radio.

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With 30 years experience presenting shows and also starting and running an online radio station we shall from time to time create blog posts to help others get started.