Amazon Echo Speaker

Listen to HMR on your phone/tablet? You can listen on Echo / Google / Sonos Smart Speakers or a Bluetooth speaker

If you have either the Amazon Echo type smart speaker, a Google smart speaker, a Sonos smart speaker or just a Bluetooth speaker, you should be able to listen to Harvest Moon Radio on your smart speaker fairly easily rather than listen to it on your phone or tablet. At the moment sadly MixCloud do not offer listening on these devices as a simple voice command, but you can still use the Bluetooth on your smart speaker to listen to Harvest Moon Radio with some basic skills.

Amazon Echo & Echo Dot Speakers.

At the moment you can not listen to Mixcloud simply by a voice command. You can however use either a mobile or tablet which has the Alexa app installed to send Harvest Moon Radio shows (Live or Listen Again) to your Amazon Echo device via the Bluetooth feature.

Here’s how to setup your Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth Speaker

Pairing Via Voice Command

Simply speak to Alexa. Say “Alexa, pair.” This will put the Echo in Bluetooth pairing mode and make it discoverable.

From your mobile or tablet, open Bluetooth settings. In the list of devices, you should see a device named Echo-XXX. Tap the device name to confirm the paring

Pairing Via Amazon Alexa App

Manually put the Echo in pairing mode by opening the Amazon Alexa application from your mobile device. Then navigate to Settings. Find the correct Echo device at the top of the menu and select it by tapping or clicking on it. Select Bluetooth and click Pairing Mode.

When you open the Bluetooth settings, you should see the device name (Echo-XXX) in the list of discovered devices. Tap or click on the device name and confirm the connection.

Amazon Echo Speaker
Amazon Echo Dot Speaker

Use the Amazon Echo / Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker

Simply select the Echo Speaker using Bluetooth, then start Mixcloud either via their app or in a browser and either listen to the live show or any of our listen again shows.

Amazon Fire TV / Smart TV’s

Most modern smart tv’s have their own web browser which means you simply have to enter either Harvest Moon Radio’s website address or our Mixcloud page which is The same should also apply for Amazon Fire TV sticks/Cube although I have had problems getting the sound to turn on when on the websites as by default it seems to be muted.

Google Home Speakers.

There are a few possible methods allow you to use your Google Assistant to play HMR via the MixCloud App or from a browser . 

Method 1: Connect via Bluetooth

The first one is by simply connecting the speakers with your mobile Bluetooth and then playing the mobile audio on your Google Home speakers.

  • All you have to do is pair the Google Home speakers with your mobile Bluetooth
  • And then go to the MixCloud app or play the HMR show in a browser and start playing any music you like.

The second method is to cast the music manually on your Google Home device.

  • To do so, you need to connect your mobile phone to the same Wi-Fi network that your Google Assistant is connected to.
  • After that, just open up the Google Home mobile app  and then select the speakers that you want to use.
  • From the device settings, click on Cast my audio, and it should start playing the audio from your mobile.

Sonos Smart Speakers.

Mixcloud have a helpful article on connecting to MixCloud via your Sonos device.

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