The Captain's Banana Bread

The Captain’s Banana Bread

What’s better than a slice of freshly baked Banana Bread with a cuppa? This recipe gives you a lovely moist bread which tastes great even without butter on it. You can also freeze this cake. Just ensure the bananas are ripe for the best taste. Be warned – it is likely to disappear fast.

The Captain’s Banana Bread

Difficulty: Easy
Prep time


Cooking time



Easy to bake and freezes well – not that it’s likely to last long enough for you to have any left over to freeze.


  • Butter softened – 100g

  • Caster Sugar – 275g

  • Eggs – 2

  • Ripe bananas mashed – 2

  • Self Raising Flour – 225g

  • Baking Powder – 1 tsp

  • Milk – 2 tbsp


  • First prepare a 900g (2lb) loaf tin. Lightly grease the loaf tin and line it with baking parchment.
  • Next pre-heat your oven to 180C/350F or Gas Mark 4.
  • Now the easy bit. Simple put all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and beat the mixture for about 2 minutes making sure everything is well mixed.
  • Carefully spoon the mixture into the prepared loaf tin and level off the surface.
  • Place in the pre-heated over and bake for around one hour. The banana bread should rise and be golden brown. Test with a fine skewer and check when it is placed in the centre of the cake it comes out clean.
  • Leave the cake to cool for a few minutes before carefully removing the cake from the tin onto a wire rack. Carefully peel off the parchment paper and leave the cake to cool completely (or at least wait till it cools a little first). Put the kettle on and sit down with a cuppa and a thick slice of your freshly baked Banana Bread.

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